NAPCO added a new option for its iBridge video doorbell. Ideal for dealers looking to compete with DIY products with a professional-grade offering, this convenience for any account connects with true-two-way voice using either the standalone video app or integrated with iSecure Connected Home & Security System, iBridge Connected Home App and the multifunction iBridge 7-in. security/video/smart home touchscreen tablet. It uses the premises’ current doorbell wiring for chime, or the new Wi-Fi plug-in chime accessory (#IBV-CHIME). The doorbell lets accounts know who is at the door and speak to them from anywhere. When the doorbell button is pressed, or anytime the three-zone aimable PIR sensor detects movement, the HD 1080P 2MP camera with IR-powered night vision automatically captures and displays live video on the account’s smartphone. Then, using the app’s simple three-button operation, the homeowner has the option of viewing the embedded video live, hanging up or pressing to talk via two-way audio.  The doorbell includes 12-months’ time/date-stamped cloud-based video storage. 

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