The AXS-IR is Middle Atlantic’s latest addition to its family of slide out racks in steel enclosures. The AXS-IR is designed, tested and certified to meet California’s OSHPD voluntary Preapproval of Manufacturer’s certification standards for seismic design of supports and attachments for nonstructural components to be used in the state’s healthcare facilities and hospitals. In the event of any seismic activity, the AXS-IR ensures equipment remains operational and that the rack stays securely anchored to the floor when installed with the optional seismic kit. In addition, it is based around the strength and features of the AXS enclosure series. Integrators have unrestricted rear access to equipment and connections with a rack frame that slides out from inside the steel enclosure via a track and stand system. This allows for easy wiring, installation of devices and servicing all while saving valuable space in the environment. When complete, the integrator simply slides the rack back into the steel enclosure where it locks in place. The AXS-IR is available in several rack heights ranging from 35 to 42 rack spaces and various depths, 20- and 26-in.

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