A new study of security system managers found that nearly half (46 percent of medium- and large-sized enterprises across England, are using or plan to use their video surveillance / CCTV systems for remote management of processes and people in the workplace. The survey, conducted by Opinium and commissioned by NW Security, also asked medium and large-sized firms whether they expect their existing surveillance systems to be able to support a safe return to the workplace for most employees, in the light of COVID-19 control measures.

52 percent of security managers felt CCTV could be used to provide another method of identification in support of some workplaces’ drive for contactless access to work premises and buildings. And 50 percent felt video surveillance systems ought to be able to help manage and enforce social distancing in the workplace.

In addition, 48 percent of respondents thought video surveillance could be useful for contact tracing, as well as guideline adherence such as following directional arrows around buildings and wearing face masks.