Can Your Fire Alarm System Survive?

All Answers relate to NFPA 101, 2018 Edition

1. The definition for emergency systems can be found in NFPA 70 _____________.
A. Chapter 7
B. Article 100 Definitions
C. Not found in NFPA 70
D. Appendix C
2. The requirements for an intrinsically safe system can be found where?
A. NFPA 855 Article 225
B. NFPA 70 Article 225
C. NFPA 70 Article 504
D. NFPA 65 The Standard for Intrinsically Safe Systems
3. Intrinsically safe circuits may be installed in the same raceway as non-intrinsically safe circuits if they are separated by at least ___________.
A. 25mm
B. 6 inches
C. ¼-in. per foot width of the raceway
D. 50mm
NPFA 70, 504.30 (A)(1) exception 1
4. UL 1778 is the _________________.
A. Code for Uninterruptible Power Systems
B. Standard for Safety Uninterruptible Power Systems
C. Standard for Batteries for Use in Security Systems
D. Guide to the Use of Portable Battery Systems
5. Intrinsically safe apparatus, _____________, shall be bonded in the hazardous (classified) location….
A. if solidly grounded
B. if not using a unified ground
C. if metal
D. which must be metallic
6. The standard for the installation of stationary energy storage systems is ________.
A. ICC 65
B. NFPA 855
C. UL 2050
D. FM 3050
7. The requirements for emergency systems can be found in __________.
A. NFPA 72 Chapter 7
B. NFPA 70 Chapter 7
C. UL 888 The Standard for Emergency Standby Systems
D. ICC 345 The Standard for Emergency Systems
8. Wiring of _________ emergency circuits supplied from the same source shall be permitted in the same raceway, cable, box or cabinet.
A. multiple
B. more than one
C. required
D. two or more
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