The touchless video doorbell rings without requiring any contact, eliminating the need to physically press a doorbell button. Anyone coming to the front door simply stands on a doormat placed at a safe distance to ring the chime. Rather than using motion detection common to other doorbell cameras, rapid and accurate person detection activates the doorbell to reduce unimportant interruptions. When a person is detected, the doorbell immediately triggers the existing chime in the home, sends a mobile alert to the homeowner and starts recording a video clip. Homeowners can see and speak with visitors through the doorbell’s live HD video and two-way audio instead of having to answer the door. It can automatically trigger other device activity through user-defined rules. For example, lights can turn on when the doorbell detects a person. Rapid people detection also helps ensure that inadvertent chimes are not triggered by animals, packages or other non-human objects. The device also features a 150-deg. vertical field of view; optimized portrait viewing on mobile; full HD resolution, HDR and infrared night vision; an onboard heater; and live video and saved clip viewing using the mobile app or website. |