The city of Arnhem has chosen Nedap to regulate vehicle flows and to provide a seamless vehicle access experience in its city center. Due to the increase in the number of vehicles in the city center, it was a challenge for Arnhem to ensure that the traffic flow runs smoothly and safely, to keep the historic and tourist center accessible and livable. With the implementation of Nedap’s vehicle identification solutions, authorized vehicles and drivers can access the city in a safe and seamless way. The combination with Nedap’s MOOV City Access software ensures that vehicle access in the city center easily can be regulated.

The city of Arnhem is located in the east of the Netherlands. Because of the historical center, cultural sights and a wide range of entertainment facilities, it is also an attractive city for tourists. To keep the city center traffic and pedestrian friendly, Arnhem wanted to regulate vehicle access to the city center and ensure only authorized vehicles could enter. By limiting traffic flows, the narrow streets in the historic center of Arnhem turned into an attractive and safe public place for pedestrians and cyclists, creating a livable city.

The city of Arnhem has chosen Nedap for its MOOV City Access platform combined with its advanced solutions for automatic vehicle identification based on long-range radiofrequency identification (RFID) and automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) technology. The solution is supplied and installed by Nedap’s partner ST&D. Nedap’s MOOV City Access platform is implemented to control vehicle access in specific zones. With this, Arnhem ensures that only authorized vehicles can enter these zones if they have permission to do so.

With the implementation of RFID readers and ANPR cameras, vehicles can be identified from a long distance, ensuring automated and safe vehicle throughput. Nedap’s long-range RFID solution TRANSIT will be used to ensure that local residents, emergency vehicles, licensed taxis and municipal services have easy access to the city center without compromising safety. TRANSIT is a proven technology that enables highly secure identification and tracking of vehicles and drivers up to a distance of 10 meters. Authorized vehicles are equipped with a RFID tag will have fast access at vehicle entrances without the need to stop.

The all-in-one license plate camera ANPR Lumo will grant access to vehicles based on their license plate number. License plate recognition is a perfect solution for specific user groups or situations in which vehicles require access temporarily or incidentally to the city center. For example, retail delivery trucks can be given access at predefined locations, assigned days and time zones, regulating vehicle access to the city by reason.