RGB Spectrum’s XtendPoint KVM-over-IP system provides distributed workflow for remote systems, across a room, a campus or even a far-flung enterprise. XtendPoint offers the versatility to view and control systems in windows on a single display or an array of display devices. It consolidates controllable sources into a multi-window image, providing operators with a correlated view of up to signal sources. It supports multi-image display in both single and dual monitor configurations, the former able to display four and the latter up to eight remote systems with a single monitor and keyboard. Operators can sift through mountains of data, inspect multiple signal sources and share any source viewed on their local displays. Critical information can be curated by operators at their various control stations. The result is improved situational awareness, better decision-making and faster response. The solution provides operators centralized control for interacting with local or remote systems. XtendPoint’s KlickSimple navigation allows for seamless control of multiple sources simultaneously. Operators can take control of a remote system simply by moving the mouse to select a system to control. KlickSimple navigation allows seamless control of multiple sources. A single mouse is used to select which system to control.

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