HID Global, a provider in identity solutions, has invested in Paravision, a provider of advanced facial recognition solutions and recognized for its world-class leadership in accuracy.

The investment aligns with HID Global’s strategic direction to embed facial recognition into a variety of identity verification and authentication applications, including access control.

“In partnership, HID and Paravision have already cooperated on projects and we look forward to further advancing our collaboration across a number of different markets and use cases,” said Björn Lidefelt, executive vice president and head of HID Global.

The strategic investment will accelerate the development of HID’s biometric solutions that leverage Paravision’s facial recognition algorithms.

“We are excited to receive this financial investment from HID Global and to embark on mutual growth opportunities,” said Doug Aley, CEO of Paravision. “We look forward to working together in pursuit of new business, channel, sales and market opportunities.”

HID’s investment is part of a $23 million funding round for Paravision.