To kick start the new Developer Champions Initiative, which launches in June 2021, Milestone has selected five international technology professionals from the Milestone Developer Community who will be the first to carry the prestigious title of Developer Champion.

Software developers are a vital part of Milestone Systems’ open platform community, the company says. They use the Milestone Integration Platform SDK to develop applications and capabilities that plug in to the XProtect VMS product family. Milestone already offers a variety of initiatives for developers such as the Milestone Developer Forum, where developers can ask questions and share ideas and inspiration. Another initiative, Milestone Developer Conference, enables and engages developers to co-create video management solutions, and the Milestone Community Kickstarter Contest awards and celebrates the best ideas in the Milestone Developer Community.

With the new Developer Champions initiative, Milestone Systems aims to foster inspiration and knowledge sharing and create valuable relationships in the developer community.

“We have a very strong Developer Community, and we’ve had many solid contributors and supporting voices throughout the years,” said Jasleen Kaur Rehal, senior developer relations manager, Milestone Systems. “Awarding the title of Milestone Developer Champion is our way of appreciating these positive forces. We want to strengthen our relationships with the newly appointed Milestone Developer Champions as well as future champions so that together we can create more awareness about and share experiences of working with Milestone’s video technology. This is what community is all about.”

The first five technology professionals to be awarded the title of Milestone Developer Champion are: Christian Spitzner, Bosch (Germany); Eric Bourque, Orbnet Systems (Switzerland); Michel Matta, Veertec (Lebanon); Dan Fritsch, App-Techs Corp (USA); and Dani Elias, The Boring Lab (USA). 

“It’s a big honor to be recognized for my work and what I have been able to contribute with so far,” said Dani Elias, chief technology officer at The Boring Lab, one of the five Milestone Developer Champions. “I am looking forward to connecting even more with the Milestone Community.”

All champions will have the opportunity for frequent contact with the Milestone Systems’ Developer Advocate to discuss and develop ideas. Champions will receive support from the initiative, as well as continued opportunities to further contribute to the Developer Community with opportunities such as speakerships, offering their expert advice and sharing content, videos, and solutions among other things. 

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