ISONAS Inc., an IP access control and hardware solution provider and part of the Allegion family of brands, announced that the ISONAS Pure IP access control solution has been deployed at a school district in the southwest suburb of Chicago. With six buildings within the district, they wanted to be able to manage access at all buildings on one unified platform. The school district had three main priorities for the upgrade, which included controlling the flow of traffic during after hour events, eliminating the need for keys to manually lock and unlock doors, and to finally have the ability to utilize remote access. Safety was a huge priority at the school district, which included keeping students and staff safe and secure in all six buildings. Without being able to control unauthorized visitors at all entrance ways, there was no way to effectively protect everyone district-wide.

Upon a strong recommendation from the school IT director, ISONAS was awarded the project after the school put the project out for bid. The school district believed in the power of the ISONAS Pure IP solution and knew it was the right cloud-based technology to overcome all their current challenges.

With the recommendation from the IT director and a strong relationship with Advanced Wiring Solutions, the school district was ready to move forward with the security upgrade at high speed.  Advanced Wiring Solutions is a Chicago-based low-voltage electrical contractor who has handled structured cabling, security, access control, AV and CCTV camera installations for over 20 years. 

The project was on a tight timeframe and included installing 188 ISONAS RC-04 reader controllers in under three months on every access point within six buildings that made up the school district.  

“It’s been a pleasure working with ISONAS from the onset of this project to completion,” said Michael Sanfratello, president at Advanced Wiring Solutions. “From when we were in the bidding stage to deploying the access control system, ISONAS worked closely with the architects, engineers and the school district to develop specifications for the design and installation in order to make it a perfect deployment.” 

“We are extremely happy that the school district selected the ISONAS solution to successfully secure each entrance way and no longer had to rely on keys for access, making it a safer environment for everyone,” said Jonathan Mooney, ISONAS sales leader. 

The school district can now easily monitor all controlled doors remotely and set access schedules for regular school hours and after hours when special events and activities were taking place. With cloud-based access control systems in place, schools across the country can get a clearer picture of who is actually entering their grounds day and night, while not having to physically be on the premises.

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