For fire panels, DMP’s DualComNF network universal LTE fire communicator offers a simple, clean and fast way of ensuring direct communication to the central station. Now, whether your customers use AT&T’s or Verizon’s LTE networks, you can install the DualComNF module into a 505-12 power supply enclosure, and DMP’s new 505DC-PLATE mounting plate is all you need to complete the installation. The 505-12 is a regulated, power limited, switching power supply that meets UL, CSFM, NFPA and FCC compliance standards. The 505-12 is rated for 12 VDC at 5 Amps maximum. Purchasing the communicator with its own power supply means it isn’t powered by the panel, so there’s no requirement to resubmit power calculations. Now, by using the 505DC-PLATE mounting plate to install the DualComNF inside the 505-12 enclosure, the communicator has all the power it needs without drawing from the panel. The DUALCOMNFLV/505-12R and DUALCOMNFLA/505-12R packages are both available with the power supply, DualCom and plate. The 505DC-PLATE can also be purchased separately.