Global View is a Matrox PowerWall software feature designed to simplify video wall designs with its Matrox QuadHead2Go multi-monitor controller product line. With Global View, the upgraded PowerWall software provides system integrators and AV professionals with an intuitive interface to intelligently manage multiple QuadHead2Go devices within a video wall ecosystem. The ability to configure multiple QuadHead2Go devices simultaneously facilitates rapid deployment of large-scale rectangular and artistic video walls for a wide range of mission-critical and digital signage applications. Users can configure multiple QuadHead2Go units, their connected displays, and the physical dimensions of a video wall to see an accurate preview of a video wall installation, as well as manage the settings and placement of an individual QuadHead2Go within the source content. They can also change the source image that represents the source content being fed to the QuadHead2Go. Available in appliance or card form factors, QuadHead2Go multi-monitor controllers drive a single video source — up to 8K x 8K input resolution — across up to four displays in classic rectangular or artistic configurations. Multiple QuadHead2Go appliances or cards can be used together to easily scale up to a video wall of any possible dimension and complexity. Bezel management and HDCP are supported.

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