The new Altronix fiber termination kit for deploying fiber, which was developed in conjunction with Slayton Solutions, includes the comprehensive tools required to facilitate fiber optic termination and testing. Designed to assist in the deployment of fiber solutions such as Altronix’s NetWay Spectrum series, the Altronix FTK100 fiber termination kit includes all hardware, connectors and tools necessary for cable preparation, fiber strand cleaning and cleaving, and installation of common “LC” style connectors, visible laser for connector testing and optical loss testing light source, along with a power meter. Slayton Solutions Owner Dave Engebretson reported that this new kit equips technicians with the tools necessary for fiber cabling installations and the ability to effectively test fiber links and media converter performance prior to commissioning. The kit also includes how-to videos for proper fiber deployment and is available through authorized Altronix distributors. It includes access to the comprehensive online Fiber Optics Institute training program, which provides all of the information needed to understand fiber optic devices, cables, tools, testing and troubleshooting.

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