When our special video monitoring issue came out last summer, we were a few months into a devastating worldwide pandemic, and many were unsure of how long lockdowns would last, or just what the impact would be on monitoring professionals.

Thankfully, video monitoring served as a sort of life raft for those in the industry. Not only was video more in demand thanks to its remote capabilities, but the RMR it generates kept dealers afloat through financial uncertainty.

“Shelter-in-place mandates meant security personnel could no longer be onsite to protect organizations from crime,” Pro-Vigil Founder Jeremy White explained in our cover story about video monitoring in the new normal. “Simultaneously, as the economy trended downward throughout 2020, companies were forced to cut costs. Video monitoring emerged as an optimal solution to both problems, as it helps organizations affordably secure sites, even when they’re occupied.”

Central station software has also been rapidly changing over the past year to keep up with new demands. In “Tying It All Together,” SDM Contributing Writer Joan Engebretson explains key trends in software, including AI, integration and audio.

Also in this issue, Alarm Industry Communications Committee Chair Lou Fiore ponders life after COVID-19, and The Monitoring Association’s Steve Walker and Rob Baxter contemplate the double-edged sword that technology and video monitoring presents.

We hope you enjoy this special issue, and if you have any thoughts or questions after reading it, shoot me an email at wolfec@bnpmedia.com — I would love to hear from you!