Accurate Corrosion Control Inc. (ACCI) in Glendale, Ariz., is ABLOY’s newest distributor, the company announced.

“At first, this seemed to be an uncharacteristic match of corrosion control and lock security,” said Paul Sedlet, president of ACCI. “But giving it some thought, we realized it is hugely related. All of the industries we work in have a need for ABLOY’s locking solutions.”

Employee-owned, they have been based in the Phoenix area since 1984 and have established themselves as the premier corrosion control company in the southwest. ACCI provides engineering, surveying, construction, testing and mitigation services primarily in six states: Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Utah and California, where they have a branch office located in Pleasanton. 

“The number one reason we chose to align with ABLOY is the technology,” Sedlet said. “All of the industries we work in have a need because the lock technology currently employed is decades old, and it’s extremely inefficient for all parties to provide access in the manner it is currently being done. ABLOY’s technology is the perfect solution to improving expensive access issues, while maintaining and improving security. The improvement to efficiency and cost savings for both our clients and contractors is immense.”

ACCI specializes in cathodic protection, a method used to control the corrosion of a metal surface in a variety of environments. For their range of clients, it includes steel or fuel pipelines, steel storage tanks, galvanized steel and metal reinforcement bars in concrete buildings and structures, all of which need to be protected and secured, says Sedlet.

“We have clients, such as the Central Arizona Project and the Salt River Project, that have water reservoirs, storage tanks and large diameter transmission, natural gas and refined petroleum  pipelines and facilities,” he said. “All of these industries utilize contractors and they all have similar security concerns and challenges. We have a great relationship with their corrosion engineers and sourcing professionals, and think they would be very open to hearing about the ABLOY products.”

Sedlet believes adding ABLOY USA as a partner will strengthen relationships with their customers.

“We work hard to maintain a company wide attitude where we perform work the way a client wants it done, and in the manner they expect it,” he said. “A client once told us that we are the only corrosion contractor he’s worked with that when he walks away from our crew, he knows they’ll be doing the work in a manner he expects. We take that as a huge compliment.”