The Flexidome multi 7000i camera family offers IR and non-IR models that provide 12- or 20-MP resolution to deliver highly detailed multi-directional overviews. These overviews are combined with built-in AI to support predictive solutions in wide-area coverage applications such as intersections, public spaces and retail. Each image sensor, offering 3- or 5-MP resolution, runs built-in AI that adds metadata to video feeds to convert video data into actionable insights. It helps customers anticipate unforeseen events and prevent them from happening. The cameras offer maximum flexibility since every image sensor can be configured independently with up to 16 video analytics rules, enabling customers to decide what to focus on per scene. The cameras’ built-in Intelligent Video Analytics and Camera Trainer, both forms of AI, use metadata to add sense and structure to captured video footage. Camera Trainer, based on machine learning, enables system integrators to tailor IVA to detect objects or situations that matter most to their customers. These analytics generate valuable insights to support predictive solutions that help operators react before a possible threat or unwanted situation occurs.

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