The Flexidome IP starlight 8000i X series cameras offer 2- or 4-MP resolution, custom optics, next-level HDR, X and starlight X for enhanced image quality in scenes with low-light and fast-moving objects. The new starlight X technology helps to significantly improve image capture during the day. It excels in near-dark scenes, ensuring color images down to 0.0061 lux due to its custom optics, Bosch advanced image processing algorithms, and noise suppression. HDR X enables the cameras to optimize video capture in scenes with fast-moving objects with a dynamic range up to 144 dB, ensuring perfect exposure regardless of challenging lighting conditions while reducing motion-related artifacts and blur in the daytime. The camera’s 1/1.8-in. sensor further improves image quality across all light levels. The camera has built-in AI, featuring intelligent video analytics and machine learning. The cameras can withstand temperatures ranging from -8 to 140 deg. F. Their high-quality, dual-layer coating also protects against corrosion (IEC 60068-2-52 1344h). The new cameras also feature Bosch remote device management, which is a combination of tools such as Project Assistant and Configuration Manager and services for secure, transparent and cost-effective device management throughout a product’s life.

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