The TRANSIT 112 offers a fast, convenient and safe access solution for emergency services to restricted areas. With its long-range identification technology, Nedap makes it possible to provide emergency services fast, safe and reliable access, without having to stop the vehicle. TRANSIT is a long-range reader that can identification transponders up to 10 meters away. This TRANSIT reader is pre-programmed for a specific RFID tag containing 112 coding, which are allocated to emergency services. The emergency vehicles are then equipped with an RFID transponder. There are two types of vehicle transponders available: a transponder that is attached to the inside of the vehicle’s windscreen with a suction cup and a fixed transponder located behind the grille of a vehicle. The combination of TRANSIT long-range reader with a pre-programmed 112 transponder ensures 24/7 access for emergency services. TRANSIT 112 can be integrated as a stand-alone solution, connected to barriers or to existing parking management or access control systems. Which brand or type of access control system does not matter. When a vehicle equipped with a TRANSIT 112 transponder approaches the gate, it opens automatically without the vehicle having to stop. In the event of a critical situation, emergency services can automatically pass all vehicle barriers.

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