Symmetry Access Control version 9.4 contains several new enhancements that improve integrations, streamline licensing requirements and enhance overall functionality for security operators. With Symmetry CompleteView VMS integration enhancements, more data is shared between Symmetry Access Control and Symmetry CompleteView VMS. An updated Virtual Matrix screen makes it easier for users to save and manage preferred camera views. This will increase efficiency and streamline workflows. Using the Symmetry M4000 Intelligent Controller panel, users can create areas within Symmetry, such as a building or floor, that can be locked down individually in the event of an emergency or situation. Select the areas by panel when designating. Cardholder exceptions can be made for individuals who should have access during lockdown emergencies, such as CPR-certified employees or volunteer firefighters. This option keeps employees safe, while allowing those that can help access the locked-down area. The Cardholder screen has been split into an Identity page and a separate Credentials page, providing a logical separation between credentials and the people who use them (identities). The user can modify or delete a credential, and not the whole person from the system. 

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