Axis Communications announced it has partnered with BriefCam to put BriefCam’s video analytics onto Axis’ deep learning cameras.

BriefCam Video Content Analytics will be available on the next generation of Axis cameras with edge-based deep learning processing capabilities from December 2021.

The emergence of AI-based edge analytics is an advancement that reduces a video analytics system’s total cost of ownership, enables use in low-bandwidth environments, and ensures faster response times to real-time alerts.

By enabling BriefCam analytics on the edge, users receive real-time alerts up to six times faster, achieve a 5-10x reduction in bandwidth between camera and server, and need up to 55 percent fewer real-time GPU processing servers. This integration provides both flexibility in deployment options and cost efficiency from CAPEX and OPEX reductions for large scale or distributed video analytics deployments.

Combining BriefCam’s video analytics with high-quality Axis cameras powered by the new ARTPEC-8 chip allows customers to further optimise surveillance camera investments by enabling advanced analytics to manage real-time alerts, perform forensic search and derive operational intelligence for a range of safety, security, and operational use cases.

BriefCam is one of the first third-party organizations to use the AXIS Camera Application Platform (ACAP) to enable a comprehensive analytics integration directly on Axis Communications’ deep learning cameras. AXIS Q1615 Mk III, featuring a dual chipset of ARTPEC-7 and a deep learning processing unit (DLPU), was the first Axis camera with BriefCam Video Content Analytics embedded. The BriefCam analytics platform will be available on additional generations of deep learning cameras from Axis including those with the new ARTPEC-8 chip, designed specifically for the acceleration of analytics.

For more information, visit Axis Communications’ website.