The Electronic Security Expo, being held in Nashville, Tenn., Wed. June 25 through Fri. June 27 offers many opportunities to learn from and be inspired by your peers and industry leaders. Get some great advice – and food – at these events!

Rising Stars Luncheon Forum

Are you a younger owner/operator looking to learn from some of the best and brightest in your age band (or someone just interested in more youthful perspectives)? If so, register for this luncheon and hear from a panel of leaders of the under-40 crew about where they are now, where they are heading on technology issues, how they are handling work-force recruitment, training and retention, which markets they are targeting and other industry issues.

Next Generation Luncheon Forum

Are you in the difficult position of taking over the family security business? If so, this luncheon forum, featuring next-gen success stories and financial and legal consultants who’ve advised in this area before, is for you

Industry Ice Breaker Luncheon

The Ice Breaker Luncheon runs from noon to 1 p.m. June 25. It features a talk from Nashville Chief of Police, Ronal Serpas, presentation of the NBFAA First Line of Defense Award and the Security Industry Alarm Coalition’s William Moody Award as well as the hilarious stand-up comedy from Pete Correale.

Register for ESX!

When you register three or more people at the same time, you can enjoy some great discounts! To register for ESX and these luncheons, go to or call (866) 891-7239.