ASIS booth 2334 features a product designed to eliminate the longitudinal hum caused by earth loop currents.
Vigitron Inc. introduces the Vi1060, a high quality video isolation transformer for CCTV and A/V applications. The Vi1060 is designed to completely eliminate the longitudinal hum which caused by earth loop currents, and it operates at a virtually flat response from 10 Hz to 7 MHz, the widest bandwidth in its class while introducing a low insertion loss.
This patent pending product offers a compact and unique packaging that can be used either in-line or mounted. Vigitron, Inc. specializes in design and manufacturing of twisted pair video transmission devices. These products transmit video up to 6000 feet on category 2-7 unshielded twisted pair wires. They are a cost-effective alternative to coax cables and fiber optics for CCTV applications.
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