is announcing the availability of the security industry’s first digital wireless two-way voice emergency response solution.’s 100% wireless GSM-based solution enables the central station to establish a voice connection with the customer’s home or business in the event of an alarm, without the need for a phone line at the customer premises. An increasing number of households no longer have landlines, which has hampered Dealers’ ability to offer their customers emergency two-way voice services. Now Dealers can offer this service to the growing number of customers who have abandoned their landlines in favor of cell phones or Voice over IP.

Like all GSM modules, it is fully integrated with GE Security control panels Concord and Simon XT. In the event of an alarm, the GSM module, using the security panel’s built-in or external speaker and microphone, initiates an emergency two-way voice session with the Dealer’s central station operator. The operator can listen in to the customer premises to determine if there is a true alarm in progress, as well as conduct a conversation with anyone present at the home or business.

The voice-enabled GSM module employs the full suite of interactive services, including: secure encrypted wireless transmission of alarm and sensor data from the security panel, “Always-on” remote web-based connectivity that distinguishes’s technology, and “AirFX”, the over the air toolkit which enables Dealers to remotely address basic service requests which previously required on-site visits.

“The central mission driving our development of wireless monitoring technology has always been to provide customers and central stations enhanced awareness about what’s happening at their monitored properties,” said Steve Trundle, President and CEO of “We’re adding another layer of awareness with our wireless two-way voice technology, which allows the central station to verify alarms and provide more effective response in the event of a real emergency, all without the need for a phone line at the customer property.”