IQinVision reported today that IQeye megapixel cameras were instrumental in detecting and prosecuting two recent major crimes.
At a southern Florida branch of a large casual dining chain, staff and customers were subjected to a high amount of car theft and break-ins in the restaurant’s parking lot. The legacy CCTV system’s analog cameras could not provide positive identification on subjects even 50 ft. away. A recent violent incident on the restaurant grounds motivated management to ask their integrator, NAVCO, of Anaheim, Calif., to upgrade the video surveillance system.
NAVCO installed IQeye Sentinel cameras to cover the parking lot in forensic detail resolution. In short order, a patron's car was been broken into, the video was retrieved, the police called, and within days the perpetrator had been apprehended.
“It’s like two different worlds; the IQ video is so crisp and clear, we could see the make and model of the perpetrator’s car from 100 yards away,” said Lee Brazzel, NAVCO Networks & Security. “With CCTV analog cameras, we would have been lucky if we could tell a pickup from a sedan. I’ve been looking at analog images for 20 years, there just isn’t any comparison — the IQeye images are amazing.”
In another recent incident, a man stole a $47,000 engagement ring from a Pennsylvania jewelry store. The man, who spent more than two hours in the store, was able to palm the engagement ring while the salesperson was busy putting away multiple rings he had already viewed. A few months prior to the incident, Access Security Corp. had upgraded the jewelry store’s standard resolution camera system with an Exacq Technologies DVR and IQeye megapixel cameras. The upgraded system caught the entire crime on video, and that evening Access Security was called to help retrieve the video.
After positively identifying the man stealing the ring, Access Security exported the video to a CD for the police and created a still picture for the newspapers. Once the picture appeared in the local newspapers, it took only two days for the police to apprehend the suspect.
The owner of the jewelry store was impressed. “With our old CCTV system we would not have been able to catch this guy and our ring would be gone.”
The Chief Deputy District Attorney was quoted saying that the video was “critical” to the arrest, according to IQinVision.
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