So I started off today as a rookie – a rookie “SecurityXchange-er” that is. I’ve never attended Security Xchange, an industry event that is specifically designed to facilitate face-to-face meetings with top-level executives from leading security integrators with manufacturers and solutions providers.
It is very different from all the other shows I’ve attended. The chaos is missing - and there's no need to cross your fingers that the person you want to speak with will be available. Instead it is focused with hard core, scheduled meetings between integrators and solutions providers happening all day long and networking opportunities available throughout the day and at the nightly dinners.
With 80 percent of the integrators attending ranked as vice presidents, presidents and chief executive officers, those meetings contain a lot of decision making and meaningful conversations with the right people…and it’s all happening high up on the beautiful, snowless slopes of The Lodges at Deer Valley, Park City, Utah. Like everything about the event, the location and season is very intentional.
Jon Lowell, executive director of Security Xchange, Burnsville, Minn., summed it up saying, “We specifically chose this location as a distraction-free environment that allows for the private meeting setting that makes this event so A-typical. It fosters relationships for both parties in a very focused setting.” 
“This event is absolutely more focused than most,” said Franco van  Heijningen, vice president of technology, Niscayah, Duluth, Ga. “You can see a lot of people that you are interested in seeing in a very short period of time and it is not a huge investment to do that here.”
Franco also cited the location as being able to “keep people out of trouble.” It’s true. The typical distractions are missing. Here there’s no snow for skiing – and you need to take a bus down into town. You just have beautiful accommodations and a lot of time to talk and get down to business – which is good – especially in this economy.
Lowell believes that “tough economic times dictate that building partnerships, developing metrics and creating opportunities together is more important than ever. SecurityXchange is about focusing your attention long enough to not let the pace of business prevent you from achieving your security goals.”
There’s no snow…but there’s open conversations, strategic initiatives and no everyday office distractions – and that’s even more beautiful!