That Didn’t Take Long!

Only a few hours into ASIS, SDM staff spotted the blue HID t-shirts from HID Global’s “I want” campaign. Too bad we weren’t HID Global staff so the t-shirt-wearing ASIS attendees, who were waiting for a shuttle at the Anaheim Convention Center, would have had the chance to win that pair of VIP box seat tickets to the Los Angeles Angels vs. New York Yankees game.

Battle Over Video Standards

ONVIF Interoperability Test Gets High Marks


Ten companies active in the network video surveillance market joined the first ONVIF developer's plug fest in Tokyo earlier this month. "We are very pleased with the results from the plug fest as all companies successfully achieved the goal of interoperability with the other participants," said Markus Wierny, Bosch Security Systems.

In recent analysis, IMS Research contends that the member companies of the video surveillance standards body ONVIF command a significantly larger slice of the video surveillance equipment market than the member companies of the PSIA standards body.

ONVIF member companies command over 40 percent of worldwide video surveillance market revenues compared with the 25 percent taken by PSIA member companies. The difference is even more startling when put into the context of network video surveillance equipment. Here ONVIF member companies command nearly 60 percent of market revenues compared with the 20 percent share for PSIA member companies.

Senior research analyst Alastair Hayfield commented, “Instinctively it felt that ONVIF members had a greater market presence. However, it was a surprise to see quite how large the difference was.” He continued, “The move to a standards based approach for network video surveillance is an important one. It will help to drive the adoption of network video surveillance products and will greatly benefit end-users. The video surveillance industry has clearly decided that standards are desirable. Well over half of all video surveillance equipment sales can be attributed to companies in one or both of these standards bodies. In fact, 11 of the top 15 video surveillance vendors have joined either ONVIF or PSIA. Furthermore, many component manufacturers, analytics vendors and distributors, whose presence is not accounted for in the above analysis, have signed up to guide the future path of the network video surveillance market.”

The Fight Over Standards


ONVIF Members – 40% worldwide video surveillance market revenues

PSIA Members – 25%

ONVIF Members – 60% worldwide network video surveillance market revenues

PSIA Members – 20%

Source: IMS Research

HID Global Asks Customers, “What Do You Want?”

By Heather Klotz, SDM Associate Editor

It isn’t very often that a company point blank asks its customers – all around the world – all at once – what they want. HID Global, Irvine, Calif., is doing just that with its “Customers Come 1st” promotion and the “I Want” advertising campaign that it is launching here at ASIS, asking its customers around the world to submit their ideas for any new products, features or services they would like to see in security identity solutions.

Customers are encouraged to submit those ideas, either write or video format, now through Dec. 31, 2009. After that, all the submissions will be uploaded to and Web site visitors will cast their votes for their favorite submission. The customer entries with the most votes will be featured in HID Global’s next wave of the “I Want” global advertising campaign in 2010, which highlights the voice of HID Global customers, what they would like to see in secure identity solutions and HID Global’s response to their request. That’s a lot of exposure for a customer’s idea and company, and an opportunity for HID Global to discover what its customers really want.

HID Global is giving its customers the chance to submit ideas here at ASIS. As part of the launch, members of HID Global’s marketing team will be on hand to help turn customers’ ideas into videos, and the first 250 customers who enter a submission at the show will receive a t-shirt and be entered into a random drawing to win a pair of VIP box seat tickets to the Los Angeles Angels vs. New York Yankees games on September 21 and 22.

“HID Global is trying to deliver more value then ever to its customers,” June Colagreco, vice president, marketing communications, HID Global, said. “This program will let us hear the real voices of our customers and find out what issues they are facing today and how we can help them. We’ll get to hear how we can add value to the infrastructure that customers already have today and provide them with the tools and products that are going to help them be successful.”

To learn more about HID Global’s “Customers Come 1st” promotion or to submit your own ideas for the “I Want” advertising campaign, head to the ASIS booth. If you don't get a chance to visit the booth, you can visit Submissions can be entered online now through Dec. 31, 2009.

The launch of both the “Customers Come 1rt” promotion and “I Want” advertising campaign are natural extensions of HID Global’s “Customer First” initiative and Genuine HID, which both have a joint mission to enhance customer value by delivering superior quality and customer service that reinforce the long-standing customer trust in HID products and solutions.

Need Help?

Billy Tarka (left) and Todd Ford, both designers within the HID Global Marcomm Department, take a quick break from helping HID Global customers submit their ideas at ASIS. “I’ve been impressed with a lot of the ideas so far. Tradeshows are a natural place for customers to tell us what they want in our products.” Tarka said.

HID Wants More Ideas

In a unique project at ASIS 2009, HID Global encourages customers to submit ideas. Members of HID Global’s marketing team helped turn customers’ ideas into videos.

Miguel Lazatin, senior marketing manager for Sony Security Systems, discusses Sony’s roadmap during Sony’s “The Changing Face of Security” event. PHOTO BY SDM STAFF

Editor Notes on Day One Highlights from ASIS

Ready, Set, Get Off the Plane and Go

By Heather Klotz, Associate Editor, SDM

Every convention I travel to, I try to squeeze everything I need into a carry on because I don’t want to wait for my bags when I arrive. I want to get off the plane and go. It’s a challenge. Trying to summarize my first day of ASIS 2009 into a blog entry feels a little like that – because each day of the show the staff of SDM Magazine tries to stuff in as many booths and conversations and new products and innovation and industry insight as our schedules – and our feet – will allow. That generates a lot of information to share with you in a carry-on-size space.

Here are just a few highlights of day one:

– Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies, Carmel, Ill.

Ingersoll Rand’s new Schlage AD-Series, being introduced here at ASIS, lets customers pick want they want on the door now - with the peace of mind of knowing they can upgrade it later without ever taking it off the door because the AD-Series patent-pending modular mix-and-match options allow customized access control solutions.

“Before the new Schlage AD-Series, many users often held off on implementing a new security platform because they were worried that it would be obsolete within a few years,” Karen Keating, the Schlage electronic locking portfolio manager, pointed out. That’s not the case with this new series. “The features that make the AD-Series flexible and adaptable also make it scalable, protecting a customer’s investment for years to come,” Keating said.

The patent-pending modular technology in the AD-Series lets users upgrade readers and network modules to go from offline to a networked solution. It also lets them change the credentials they are using at any time and use future technologies as they emerge – all without replacing the lock or taking it off the door.

That’s cool – but I found the AD-Series product selector in Ingersoll Rand’s booth just as cool – and it really highlighted the mix and match modular design of the AD-Series. You move through all the modular elements of the AD-Series, the chassis, the reader, networking options, functions, levers and finishes – and up with a virtual product that shows you exactly what will go on your door. You can then print it out or e-mail it to yourself. If you don’t have time to go check it out at the show, check out

        GVI Security Solutions Inc., Carrolton, Texas

Do you have an analog system but want the features IP offers? If so, GVI Security Solutions wants to introduce you to Samsung Electronics A1 chip technology, which brings digital IP-quality video and features to the analog video market. The A1 chip is designed as a bridge to IP for huge legacy analog systems. The A1 chip delivers advanced image processing, high resolution image quality, virtual progressive scan, day/night functions, as well as built in analytics for intelligent video.

GVI Security Solutions also brought something to ASIS for the IP market – launching its fully automated AutoIP open video management system designed with the mid-market in mind. With fully automatic configuration and setup, AutoIP™ automatically detects, configures, and records installed network cameras and makes installation simple.

“This year our product introductions address both IP products, which are the fastest growing part of the video installation market, and analog products, which still represent the vast majority of video installations,” Joseph Restivo, GVI Security Solutions chief operating officer, pointed out. “Our product line continues to expand allowing us to meet the requirements of a broader variety of applications.” 

I enjoyed my conversation at the GVI Security Booth about both new technologies. It didn’t hurt that GVI Security Solutions was offering freshly baked cookies in its booth, either. Follow your nose and you’ll find them.

 -- Sony Electronics Inc, Park Ridge, N.J.,

Sony hosted the media for “The Changing Face of Security” press event, which I attended. The collection of speakers, in addition to an overview of Sony’s offering here at ASIS were well worth the walk from the convention center to the Hilton.

“In light of the changing economy, Sony’s purpose at the event was to illuminate how integrators and end users are not just surviving, but finding success even with the economic changes,” Miguel Lazatin, senior marketing manager for Sony Security Systems, said. “Additionally, at ASIS, we’re emphasizing our commitment to the security industry through our versatile product offering that provides a complete solution – from image capture to recording to display.” Lazatin also confirmed that Sony was “going down the HD road” - increasing its HD offerings, developing faster frame rates and offering more efficient codecs. 

Speakers at the event ranged from market researchers to police detectives – each offering their opinion or experience regarding the changing face of security.

Simon Harris, senior research director with IMS Research discussed key predictions for the U.S. video surveillance market for 2013. The predictions included a 50 percent market share for megapixel cameras, the eclipse of the analog market by the IP market, a continued delay in the advance of video analytics, with a less than five percent of cameras predicted to have embedded video content analysis, and more. Harris said research also predicted the education market would have the highest market growth - gaining 20 percent or more. Hmmmm. I don’t think that prediction is a secret. Every company I talked to today discussed efforts targeted to the education market.

Back to the presenters: Randy Jara, general manager of Redrock Security and Cabling gave his definition of convergence to the group. In his words: “Convergence means selling to IT.” It does. And like Jara pointed out, success means identifying that this customer (IT) has different needs than what you’ve dealt with in the past.

Jeffery Blye, detective, Orlando Police Department, broke down his city’s journey to build an outdoor surveillance system, which has been dubbed IRIS, which stands for Innovative Response to Increase Security. The city has installed 72 cameras and plans to reach 250 plus cameras by 2015. Get this. Blye has installed many of the cameras himself. He had photo proof to.

Tom McGuire, vice president of development at EIA, a physical security and information management (PSIM) company headquartered in New York discussed his company’s solution for unifying the New York state court system. One word for the system: impressive.

That’s the short version of my long first day. We will see what I stuff into my day tomorrow.

Members of Te Manawa Maori, a New Zealand cultural performance group, perform at Gallagher Security Management Systems’ ASIS reception, held at the House of Blues in Downtown Disney, Anaheim, Calif. In addition to the cultural performance, guests of the New Zealand-headquartered company were also treated to appetizers and New Zealand wine and beer, and they had the chance to compete in the Gallagher sheep races. Gallagher’s personnel from around the world, including Bill Gallagher - CEO of Gallagher Group Ltd, were on hand to welcome guests. The next major release of Gallagher’s security platform for integration, Cardax FT Command Centre v6, is being shown at ASIS. Gallagher also has its PowerFence perimeter security solutions on display at ASIS in Booth 1301. PHOTO BY SDM STAFF

New Zealand Comes to ASIS

Te Manawa Maori, a New Zealand cultural performance group, perform and sheep raced at Gallagher Security Management Systems’ ASIS reception Monday.

ASIS Foundation Releases CRISP Report on Organized Retail Crime

Loss prevention directors and systems integrators who serve the retail vertical know that organized retail crime (ORC) poses a significant threat to the economic welfare of the $4.7 trillion retail industry in the United States. The latest CRISP Report, “Organized Retail Crime: Assessing the Risk and Developing Effective Strategies,” commissioned by the ASIS Foundation, states that U.S. retailers lose billions of dollars to ORC each year. ORC affects all segments of the industry, including drug stores, supermarkets and mass merchant chain stores. 

During the past decade, according to the CRISP Report, industry leaders and retail associations have increasingly acknowledged ORC as a growing problem, fueled, at least in part, by the emergence of Internet auction sites, lack of effective legislation to increase criminal sanctions for ORC and the ability to reintroduce stolen goods back into legitimate supply chain channels.

Effectively addressing this growing concern requires a comprehensive examination of ORC, its harmful effects, and the industry, legislative and law enforcement initiatives most likely to curtail it. Currently, the CRISP Report authors say no comprehensive source or definitive information to prevent ORC exists.

The report lists some of the “hot” items targeted by organized retail criminals, which are goods that command near-retail resale price. These include designer clothing, teeth whiteners, gift cards, electronics, DVDs, CDs, razor blades, over-the-counter medicines, beauty care items and infant formula.

Big Names to Educate and Entertain at ASIS

There are two early morning events that are not to be missed at the ASIS International Annual Seminar and Exhibits.

Tuesday, September 22
Ben Stein
Author, Economist, Pop Culture Icon
8:00 am – 9:00 am

An authentic Renaissance man, celebrity speaker Ben Stein is one of the most recognizable faces in America today. He has done just about everything during his amazing career—including presidential speechwriter, best–selling author, lawyer, an economist, syndicated columnist, movie star, and game show host. Drawing on his life experiences, Stein delivers a presentation that is entertaining, informative, and laden with expertise on everything from law to laughs.

Wednesday, September 23
Condoleezza Rice
Secretary of State (2005–2009)
8:00 am – 9:00 am

As Secretary of State and National Security Advisor in George W. Bush's administration, Condoleezza Rice pioneered a policy of transformational diplomacy, and heralded the formation of new global governments based on democratic principles.
Rice has influenced the most significant foreign policies of our time. And she was at the center of events that shaped the direction of security and freedom throughout the world. Rice has proven herself as a significant leader during a time of unprecedented and tumultuous world affairs and is widely considered to be one of the most influential and powerful people in the world.

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