Do you know what happened in 1971? A lot happened in 1971, including the formation of a new stock market index called the Nasdaq, the opening of the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, and the launch of FedEx. Did you know that it is also when the first issue of SDM was published?


That’s right. 2010 marks the 40th Anniversary of SDM, and we are celebrating! Look for coverage of our 40th Anniversary throughout the year, starting with the January issue, as we look back through the archives at the articles, news stories, products, photos, SDM covers and changes in the industry that have graced the pages of SDM.


In January, we’ll also invite you to visit our 40th anniversary presentation online at, where you’ll find some fun and interactive activities such as voting for your favorite cover or adding to our message board.


We’d also love to hear your thoughts about SDM. When did you first read SDM? What departments do you turn to first? How has SDM helped your business? Please share your experiences and comments with us by filling out the following form and faxing or e-mailing your thoughts to Heather Klotz, associate editor; fax 248-502-1098; e-mail


Thanks for an unforgettable 40 years!