Have you heard that the economy is slowly getting back on track? That the recession’s over and we can all go back to doing things the way we did them before the collapse?

Not quite buying into that? You’re not alone. Following the worst economic recession since The Great Depression, individuals and companies alike are opening their wallets slowly and carefully. The recovery is underway, but business must continue to get done for it to continue.
But that doesn’t mean that business has to continue to be done the old fashioned way. At least, we here at SDM and sister publication Security don’t think so. That’s why we’re planning a special event on March 3.
Coming to you live from your own desktop (or laptop), iSecurity 2010 is a virtual conference and exposition that is designed to open avenues for security dealers to make connections with technology providers, and to do it from their own offices. All attendees need is an Internet-connected computer. And a comfy place to sit.
iSecurity 2010 will feature booth exhibits from the top technology providers in the industry.
Representatives will be online for chats and product demonstrations. Webinars – both live and on-demand – will be available for viewing in the “Auditorium.”
Specifically, attendees can join SDM Editor Laura Stepanek as she presents “The Forecast for Security in 2010 / Outlook for the Industry,” a live look at what security dealers can expect in the year ahead. Later, Dave Engebretson, SDM technical writer, presents “Network Testing and Troubleshooting,” a how-to review of prompts, Web sites, freeware programs and more for diagnosing the most typical network problems. Barry Nixon, executive director of the National Institute for Prevention of Workplace Violence and one of Security’s Most Influential of 2009, wraps the conference with “Zero Tolerance is not Enough: Making Workplace Violence Prevention Really Work,” where he will discuss the advantage of implementing a zero incident approach to violence prevention over zero tolerance; and the key components of a zero incident approach.
Each of the presenters will be available for a live Q&A session following their respective Webinars. Also watch for scheduled chats in the “Networking Lounge.”
Attendees will also be able to choose from a number of on-demand Webinars, including:
•      SDM's Systems Integrator of the Year Connects Security to Business Outcomes
•      Security’s Most Influential of 2009
•      The Security 500: What Are The Top 10 Trends Driving Enterprise Security?
•      What Works? Intelligent Video Management Software Is Put to the Test
iSecurity 2010 is a must-see for security dealers and systems integrators of all kinds. Don’t miss the opportunities for new business that this convenient event will provide and help keep the recovery moving forward.
Click below for more information about iSecurity 2010 or to register for the event.