How appropriate was it, back on that fateful day, August 1, 1981, that MTV launched with The Buggles and their now infamous diddy “Video Killed the Radio Star?” True to the song, MTV has since led the way, revolutionizing the music industry and putting an end to the radio star.
Today, in the YouTube age that we live in, the tune may be the same, but the words and the “victim” are different. “Video Killed the Blind PIR,” a parody of that Buggles classic, is a music video promoting RSI Video Technologies’ Videofied family of motion-activated video verification products. Specifically, the video – the brainchild of RSI President Keith Jentoft – highlights the MotionViewer product line of video motion detectors.
“I laughed all weekend writing these lyrics,” Jentoft told SDM. “It really does tell a story.”
That it does. Using archived video of actual incidents, the RSI video shows clips of perpetrators digging for valuables and police later apprehending them. Matched to lyrics that include, “They broke through windows and they rummaged in the drawers; Our MotionViewer caught them taking what was yours,” the video demonstrates the effectiveness of the devices. Toss in these passages: “Police responded when the MotionViewer scores,” along with “Police prioritize a video alarm,” and “Police come faster in their car,” it really makes its point. 
Available in both indoor and outdoor versions, the detectors’ design features an integrated PIR motion sensor, a digital camera and infrared illuminators that provide true night vision, the company’s Web site reports. The units record a 10-second clip of video upon detection of motion and then send the clip wirelessly to a monitoring station.
So, while the product may not revolutionize the security industry, it certainly provides an attractive option to dealers looking for ways to minimize false alarms. And the music video’s just a great watch. Click here to view it.