Digital Monitoring Products (DMP) held a "Surprise" Product Premiere at ISC West - promising the "latest and greatest DMP breakthrough." They didn't disappoint.
The surprise? XTL™ Wireless Burglary Control Panels. Not only are the panels fully wireless and cellular, but they are DMP's smallest panel yet at an inconspicuous 3 x 5 inches. The panel's fully wireless design makes for a quick install that doesn't involve pulling a single wire - and it has plenty of details, like 28 wireless zones, a full two-way wireless siren, In Touch Messaging™ feature that transmits panel alerts up to three destinations and lets the user send panel commands (that also generates RMR for dealers), 30 user codes with authority levels, support for up to eight two-way wireless keyfobs and two-way wireless outputs, open/close schedules with Closing Check, remote program/download and more. Visit for information.