A new monitoring solution called No-Show Alerts from Alarm.com, Vienna, Va., a provider of wireless and Web-enabled security and activity monitoring technology for residential and commercial customers throughout the United States and Canada, sends alerts for non-arrivals of latchkey kids and other guests. The service lets customers know if a certain person did not disarm their security system during a specific timeframe.


Vector Security Inc., Pittsburgh, already offers Alarm.com alarm features to its customers and will add the newly released No-Show Alarm to that list of fully integrated services.


It allows us to expand our services to our valued customers,” said Thomas Rogers, senior vice president, Operations Support, Vector Security. “It gives us the opportunity to give those customers peace of mind.”


According to Rogers, who was involved in the development of this product, the customizable notification was originally designed to let parents know remotely when a latchkey child does not arrive home by a designated time. Rogers explained that applications for this feature evolved and grew, and now include alerting users to late or missed arrivals by pet sitters, housekeepers, contracted workers and guests, among others.


Customers can receive No-Show Alerts via email or text message, sent through Alarm.com's security technology platform. Customers can also be notified if their system is already disarmed when a scheduled timeframe begins, reminding them to arm their system.


“With Alarm.com's new No-Show alerting feature, users can find out immediately whenever someone expected to arrive at their home or business doesn't show up," said Alison Slavin, Alarm.com vice president of product management. "For a busy parent with a latchkey child headed back to school this fall, No-Show Alerts are a must-have school supply.”


Rogers added that, “the need for this product has always been there for people who have latchkey kids. With newer technology we’re able to offer services that people didn’t really know were available. It solves an issue they didn’t know there was resolution to.”


Alarm.com services are available through Alarm.com authorized dealers in the United States and Canada. For information, visit www.alarm.com.