While flying home from ISC West, I picked up American Airlines’ (AA) American Way magazine from the seatback pocket in front of me on the plane and started flipping through it. On page 74 of the April 1, 2011 issue, there was an article titled “AA Reduces Environmental Footprint.” I was intrigued, as I’ve been working onSDM’s Going Green website. Green is everywhere. It means more than ever — and there is more ways than ever to “Go Green.”

Reading through the article on the plane, I noticed that AA is doing a lot of green things that mirror what I’m hearing about. For example, AA uses a Fuel Smart program, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by three billion pounds. It also has entered into agreements with companies that are developing renewable fuels.

Companies in the security industry like Alarm Detection Systems Inc. (ADS), Aurora, Ill., are paying attention to fuel and capitalizing on green options. ADS has been running a fleet of diesel-fueled Volkswagens since 1981. Also, World Wide Security in Garden City, N.Y., just launched its “Go Green!” program, and one element of the company’s green efforts includes operating a fleet of electric cars. You can read about both companies and other similar efforts on SDM’s Going Green website.

In AA’s article, I also noticed that AA decided to upgrade some of its airplanes and deployed 31 new Boeing 737 aircraft that are 35 percent more fuel efficient. It also retired 19,000 catering carts and purchased newer models made with lighter materials that will reduce the average aircraft’s weight by 124 pounds, all together saving 1.9 million gallons of fuel annually and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by another 40 million pounds.

That concept about choosing to upgrade existing systems or products due to the long-term green- and cost-saving implications is discussed by Dr. Bob Banerjee, senior director of Training and Development, NICE Systems in his interview with SDM titled “The Payback of a Green Investment.”

There’s so much GREEN going on in the security industry and in other industries around the world. I’m excited about the pieces we’re able to share this year from around the industry and already looking forward to everything we’ll be able to share next year as well. Happy Earth Day, everyone! Go Green!