An article by Bob Sullivan on MSN/NBC explores the fate of all the new security installed for the London Olympics.

"When the athletes step off the medal podiums, the city must clean up, pay the bills and figure out how to monetize a series of shiny new venues. The most important decision, however, might seem much more subtle: What happens to all those new security cameras and other surveillance technologies that were installed for the Games?" he asks.

Of course, the article contains the usual negative "Big Brother" overtones, but what I found most interesting was the great details he provides about all the security efforts from past Olympics with a "where are they now" feel.

He even looks to the future, sharing, "Diplomatic cables released by Wikileaks suggest that U.S. government officials have encouraged use of additional surveillance tools by the Brazilian government, as well as a partnership with U.S. security agencies. As a result, market research firm 6Wresearch predicts the market for security cameras will nearly quadruple, to $362 million, by 2016." Wouldn't that be great!

The article is an interesting read of the security industry from an outsider's perspective. Read the article here: