In a world that has shifted to a remote workforce with less ability to provide on the ground support, how can companies adapt to serve high-security customers like casinos, jails and government buildings, while providing top-tier products and service in a remote capacity?

This is a challenge Real Time Networks, a national security services provider, has overcome with the adoption of on-demand, remote technology. The company has pivoted their approach to installations, repairs and customer service in three key ways, helping them navigate the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic while keeping essential security services secure and operating.


Prioritize Privacy

Remote communication has been around for over one hundred years, but 21st century mainstream solutions like FaceTime don’t work for high security environments. If security providers really want to get ahead, their solutions need to prioritize safety — it must be embedded in their product. Real Time Networks recognized the need for a technology that is not only purpose-built for field work but completely secure and dependable. Platforms like ICwhatUC, an encrypted and secure video and messaging solution built for field work, enable security companies like Real Time Networks to support their high profile customers in real-time, with no app to download, meeting the privacy and IT standards of high-security customers.


Leverage Secure Video to Reduce In-Person Requirements

There was a time when on-site and in-person visits were required to install or repair security solutions. Today, the COVID-19 pandemic has added another challenge as physical distancing and constant sanitation have become a reality of every in-person interaction, further impeding in-person support and putting both customers and technicians at risk.

Recognizing that for their customers, there is zero room for solutions to lapse and operational downtime, Real Time Networks now does 80 percent of their hardware and software installations remotely using ICwhatUC’s augmented reality (AR)-video interface. Often, most issues can be resolved via on-demand, real-time video as technicians visually guide customers through an installation or assessment. In rare cases where an on-site visit is required, Real Time Networks experts use the platform to quickly triage the problem so they can arrive to an in-person visit prepared. A reduction in in-person visits also helps to keep everyone safe during the ongoing health crisis.


Reassess the Value of Your Time

New technologies have shown how fast and easy remote support service can be. As more security solutions companies adopt these technologies, it’s time to reassess the value of time. Historically, companies have accepted that extended periods of time spent in transit and lengthy service calls were the norm. What if instead, they began to measure time saved and speed to solve customer problems? The transit hours saved also translates to a reduction in time spent to resolve support tickets by 25 percent, ensuring high quality customer service and satisfaction.


A New Paradigm in Security

Physical location security will always be essential for facilities around the world. The difference, though, is how those locations are — and remain — secured. By leveraging purpose-built, secure technology, security solutions providers can ensure that critical assets (both material and human) are maintained and kept safe, in real time.