Inovonics’ mobile duress is designed to provide precise indoor room and floor level location when someone activates an Inovonics pendant. Built upon the Inovonics cloud platform, the solution marries reliable hardware with powerful software and API tools for easy integration and data access. Security systems can easily associate a fixed pendant with a specific location upon installation, but determining indoor location when someone activates a body worn pendant has been significantly more problematic and cost prohibitive. The Inovonics mobile duress system solves this problem by delivering an innovative location solution for responders so that they know precisely where to go in an emergency. Inovonics mobile duress seamlessly integrates into an end customer’s existing physical security infrastructure and is easy to install and cost effective to deploy. Available through select security dealers, Inovonics mobile duress works in concert with any existing security system, sending location details directly into a central station monitoring, access control or any other IP-based application. 

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