Cloud video surveillance provider Eagle Eye Networks announced enhancements to the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS, providing three editions: enterprise, professional, and standard. Customers can choose the edition that best meets their needs based on factors including number of locations, number of users, system complexity, and regulatory requirements.

“Our new Eagle Eye Cloud VMS Editions will propel customer and reseller success by delivering the right solution for each customer, while ensuring customers have the flexibility to scale,” said Dean Drako, founder and CEO of Eagle Eye Networks.

Here’s an overview of Eagle Eye Editions: 

    Standard Edition: Designed for small businesses and franchisees with a modest number of locations, the basic edition is for businesses that value recorded and live video access using a browser or mobile device. 

    Professional Edition: Designed for mid-sized (10 to 25+ locations) and rapidly growing security operations, the professional edition includes features to better manage large quantities of locations, users, and cameras.

    Enterprise Edition: Ideal for large, distributed, and multinational businesses, the enterprise edition supports an unlimited number of users, providing a sophisticated permissions solution for access and video sharing. Ideal for customers who require flexible user identity and access management; advanced operational reporting; and the capability to meet audit, process, and regulatory requirements.

All Eagle Eye editions include the core functionality of Eagle Eye Networks’ VMS, which:

    Allows customers to adjust the portion of video stored in the cloud and portion stored on-premises, ranging from 0 to 100 percent, using Eagle Eye Cloud-Premises Flex Storage. 

    Ensures data protection and durability with triple-redundant storage.  

    Supports camera resolutions of up to 20 MP per camera, and up to 10 years of video retention.

    Provides unlimited integrations with systems such as point of sale and access control using Eagle Eye Video API Platform. 

    Supports the full spectrum of camera analytics and artificial intelligence (AI), cloud analytics, and AI, and other functions customers might need to make their system fully functional.

    Leverages existing infrastructure by working with thousands of digital and analog cameras from leading manufacturers. 

Eagle Eye Editions will be available in late Q4, 2021. For more information, visit