Eagle Eye Networks and DMP announced the integration of DMP’s Virtual Keypad app with Eagle Eye Network’s Cloud VMS. The secure integration between these two products serves as a unified platform that provides access to Eagle Eye Camera feeds from the same Virtual Keypad environment that DMP users are already utilizing to control their security, access, and home automation systems. The integrated features include: live view of Eagle Eye connected cameras; playback of recorded video through DMP’s Virtual Keypad app; virtual Keypad users notified via push notification in the event of alarm; and more.

To accomplish the integration, DMP utilized Eagle Eye Networks’ Video API Platform and Big Data Video Framework. “Eagle Eye Networks is clearly a leader in the development of comprehensive REST based APIs for recording, indexing, and managing camera video,” said Jeff Britton, DMPs vice president of product design.

The Eagle Eye Video API handles all the heavy lifting of interfacing to the cameras, recording the video, securely transmitting it to the cloud, storing it, and then making it available to use in your applications. All of the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS user interfaces (web, iOS, Android) have been written using the same API.

DMP is a leader in light, mid and enterprise commercial alarm systems and detectors. When combined, DMP and Eagle Eye Networks create a powerful and dependable solution with world-class cyber security and ease of use.

“Eagle Eye Networks is extremely pleased to integrate its products and services with a quality partner like DMP,” said Ken Francis, President of Eagle Eye Networks. “The Eagle Eye Networks/DMP integration will help many customers cross over from the disadvantages of on-site video recording to the considerable benefits of a true cloud security and video system.”

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