STANLEY Security, a global provider of integrated security, health, and safety solutions, has invested in Nexkey Inc., provider of mobile-first, cloud-based access control solutions. This investment – backed by STANLEY Ventures, the venture capital arm of Stanley Black & Decker – launches a strategic partnership between the two companies.

“We are committed to building safer, healthier, and more efficient environments, with the purpose of helping the world progress," said STANLEY Security Global President Matthew Kushner. "Nexkey's innovative technology helps provide a seamless access control experience with the added value of data insights. When paired with the expertise from STANLEY Security, this solution will provide even more value to organizations as we all adapt to our evolving world."

Nexkey launched in 2018 to provide businesses an easier way to unlock and manage door access. The company's wireless access control platform enables smart entry to any door, which allows businesses to manage access with a mobile app or web portal, simplifying installation and delivering valuable spatial intelligence to help optimize operations. STANLEY Security's investment in and partnership with Nexkey provides new opportunities for small- and medium-sized businesses to adopt affordable, integrated security solutions.

“Nexkey unlocks more value beyond what traditional access control can offer, as our solutions are so versatile and simple to install that we can deploy them on any door at a fraction of the cost of today’s  systems,” says Eric Trabold, CEO of Nexkey. “And with organizations increasingly turning to the cloud and mobile solutions, this partnership offers STANLEY Security’s customers a convenient solution for enhancing their access control, creating seamless on-site experiences, and providing intelligents insights throughout the entire building.”

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