ADT announced a partnership with DoorDash to provide the Safe by ADT mobile safety solution to its community of Dashers. Safe by ADT will power DoorDash’s new in-app safety toolkit called SafeDash, allowing Dashers to request professional help by voice or text and receive emergency services to their location anytime they feel unsafe.

“Our commitment to safety is central to what our teams at DoorDash work towards every day,” said Elizabeth Jarvis-Shean, vice president of communications and policy at DoorDash. “We’ve heard from Dashers across the country who tell us that safety is a top consideration when choosing which platforms they work with. That’s why over the years, we’ve worked hard on new products, policies, and partnerships that reflect what we hear from Dashers. SafeDash was born out of feedback from Dashers, and our hope is that with access to resources like these from ADT, we’re giving Dashers yet another resource to feel safe and secure on the road.”

With SafeDash, Dashers can access ADT agent support two ways directly through the Dasher app:

  • Safety Reassurance Call: In the event that a Dasher feels unsafe in a situation, they can connect with an ADT agent through the Dasher app. ADT will call the Dasher and remain on the phone until they feel safe. If the incident escalates, and the Dasher is unresponsive for a period of time, ADT will contact 911 to request emergency response to the Dasher’s last known location, based on GPS from their smartphone.
  • Emergency Assistance Button: If a Dasher is ever in need of emergency services, they can easily swipe a button within the Dasher app for assistance. ADT will then contact 911 on the Dasher’s behalf, discreetly remaining in contact with the Dasher by text message. ADT will be able to pass along critical information such as the Dasher’s location, which will be shared directly with emergency responders. This also enables a Dasher to get help from 911 silently, providing additional information to ADT without needing to speak on the phone. Information on the incident can then be shared with DoorDash to provide support and follow-up to the involved Dasher.

“The seamless integration of our Safe by ADT platform into DoorDash’s Dasher app demonstrates how security and safety can be easily customized to a business’ unique needs,” said Leah Page, vice president of mobile security and strategic partnerships at ADT. “This is another example of how our mobile safety technology can provide businesses like DoorDash with added safety for their communities, backed by the most trusted name in security.”

SafeDash is first launching to Dashers in Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, and San Francisco, with roll out to 100 percent of U.S. Dashers planned by the end of the year.

For more information about SafeDash, visit the DoorDash Newsroom.