The Home Connect 620 is a Z-Wave connected smart lock that offers a 10-button keypad with one-touch locking; it is Kwikset’s first smart lock in the “Home Connect” line. It is the also the company’s first lock featuring the latest Z-Wave 700 chip technology, which includes the convenience of Z-Wave SmartStart and the security of the S2 framework. The incorporation of the Z-Wave 700 Series provides a number of significant enhancements, including wireless security features that reduce the vulnerability of the network during enrollment, as well as increased battery life. This is due to the fact that 700-Series devices consumes 64 percent less power for wireless communication, and the fact that the technology allows for resting when the device is not being used. Furthermore, the 700-Series is expected to allow for communication that is 250 percent farther than the Z-Wave Plus 500-Series. With Z-Wave SmartStart, users can enroll devices by scanning a QR code even before beginning installation, and the S2 framework provides an additional layer of AES 128-bit encryption of wireless signals. Featuring a sleek, all-metal design, choice of traditional or contemporary styling, the Home Connect 620 connected smart lock is designed to integrate with a variety of smart home systems and serves as an ideal entry-level smart lock. 

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