Verkada, provider of cloud-managed enterprise building security, announced a new integration with Schlage electronic locks from Allegion U.S., a security products and solutions provider, to expand access control deeper into buildings. By supporting cloud-to-cloud integrations with Schlage AD and NDE and LE Series wireless locks, organizations can increase security and visibility over more interior doors.

By integrating with the Schlage NDE and LE Series, organizations can add wireless locks to doors that would have previously been cost-prohibitive due to wiring. Additionally, they can add security to low-traffic and unwired doors without being limited by cable range or the number of doors per controller.

“It is great to see new entrants that bring energy and enthusiasm into the industry,” said Tom Welham, PACS business leader at Allegion. “We are excited to have Verkada supporting the Schlage AD and NDE/LE Series wireless lock portfolio as their first integration in the intelligent lock product space.”

With the Schlage AD Series integration, authorized administrators can initiate a lockdown from any mobile device from the Verkada Pass app, or web-based browser via the cloud-based Command platform.

"By bringing more doors into Verkada’s integrated platform, we can respond faster and give first responders the access they need to keep our students safe in an emergency,” said Meredith Essalat, head of school at Mission Dolores Academy, San Francisco. “I can initiate a lockdown from my phone or computer, share a video feed or floor plan with police, and create safe zones within the school where we can monitor the incident as it is happening."

From the same cloud-based physical security platform, live videos and floor plans can be shared with response teams to provide “eyes on the ground” as emergencies unfold. Door access during a lockdown can also be restricted to only certain personnel — such as first responders — to prevent unauthorized entry.

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