Allegion US, provider of security products and solutions, announced its Schlage intelligent hardware integration with the BadgePass ONE platform. With this integration, BadgePass offers a subscription software package that includes all hardware and software needed to issue secure ID badges and manage door access privileges within a facility.  

“As access control moves to the cloud, the teams wanted to make it more cost-effective for customers,” said Jeff Koziol, business development manager – PACS partners at Allegion. “The Schlage NDEB and LEB intelligent wireless locks are easy to install and seamlessly communicate with the software via Wi-Fi. The Reader Controller devices round out the solution by enabling real-time updates and offering an option for doors where wireless locks are not a fit. Through this system, customers can now provision a reader device and assign access privileges to cardholders in just minutes, while greatly reducing implementation costs.”  

Paired with NDEB, LEB and RC hardware, key features of the BadgePass ONE platform include: 

    BadgePass Hosted solution: Easy to deploy access control hardware options 

o    Benefits: Cost-effective, seamless, and efficient – eliminates costly wiring and installation and the need for control panels and enclosures throughout the facility. This makes it more affordable, enabling customers to include secure door access on more openings. Customers can choose from a variety of options – RCs, NDEBs or LEBs – to fit any opening. 

    Mobile access: Software to manage cardholder privileges and print badges is available in the iOS App store and Windows store 

o    Benefits: Eliminates the need for a PC on site for photo capture and card production. Users can easily capture cardholder data, including photo, right from their phone or tablet and send it to print immediately at the facility.   

    BadgePass flexible subscription model  

o    Benefits: Customers can choose to purchase reader devices up front or as part of their ongoing BadgePass ONE system subscription, selecting from monthly or annual payment options. This helps customers without large capital budgets to still purchase ID systems and access control. 

“We chose to partner with Allegion because their hardware options help reduce common barriers to installation, including complex and costly wiring,” said Derek Gibbs, EVP of product development at BadgePass. “We started with credential issuance, giving customers the ability to enroll cardholder data and print ID badges right from their phone. We’re excited to be at the forefront and now embed access control capabilities to the system. ID badging and secure door access go hand-in-hand, and customers today demand a more comprehensive, integrated experience from their cards.” 

As more facilities implement wireless access control, Allegion and BadgePass make available this complete solution, building upon a long-standing relationship. Allegion has supported successful integrations in two other BadgePass product lines: BadgePass Access Manager and TotalCard. The new cloud access control integration is now available for download in the following app stores: Windows Store and iOS Store.  

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