Rapid Response Monitoring announced it is celebrating 30 years with new branding and a new facility in Henderson, Nev., outside of Las Vegas. 

Rapid Response’s newest facility, called the Customer Care Center, will provide 15,000 square feet of additional monitoring center operations, adding 100 monitoring specialists to its current support team. The Customer Care Center will be connected to Rapid Response’s two fully-independent, hot-redundant command centers in Syracuse, N.Y. and Corona, Calif. via secure multi-carrier MPLS connections.

“We’re proud of all that we’ve done, but it’s not in our nature to look back and rest on our laurels,” said Rapid Response President Jeffrey Atkins. “2022 is the beginning of a new era of reaffirming our commitment to you, our dealers, and we commit to prioritize investing in people, training and technology as cornerstones of our partnership.”

In celebration of 30 years of protecting lives and property, Atkins continues, “It’s time to redefine what’s possible in the future of professional monitoring. That begins with reaffirming our commitment to never provide monitoring service from employee’s homes and instead deliver service only from our secure facilities and continues with redefining infrastructure redundancy. We have two full-load capable monitoring command centers with independent multi-redundant power and data infrastructure — and now we have our first Customer Care Center to multiply our human infrastructure power with more of the most qualified people to deliver the service our Dealers’ customers count on.”

For more information, visit www.rrms.com.