Inovonics, a provider of high-performance wireless sensor networks, announced that July 2016 marks the 30th anniversary of the company’s founding. 
In 1985, the FCC passed regulations allowing the civil use of radio bands previously reserved for industrial, scientific and medical use. One year later, Don Hume and Steve Koonce, two local technology entrepreneurs, founded Inovonics in Boulder, Colorado, to take advantage of the newly-available military-grade frequency-hopping, spread spectrum RF technology. 
In the 30 years since its founding, Inovonics has pioneered the use of wireless in a number of markets, including intrusion detection in commercial security, utility submetering in multi-family housing, mobile duress in both security and senior living, and a host of serial and IP-enabled interfaces that facilitate the integration of Inovonics devices into a wide variety of application specific hardware and software solutions. 
“What started 30 years ago with a handful of innovators in a one-room lab, has grown to an international enterprise with over 10 million devices installed,” Inovonics President Mark Jarman says. “We’re all tremendously proud of this milestone, and especially because we’ve achieved it through our commitment to the same core beliefs upon which the company was founded. We call them our four Cs: competency, creativity, commitment and collaboration.” 
Inovonics employees will celebrate their 30-year anniversary by hosting an open house for invited guests and local community leaders August 19.