Edge360, a technology provider that brings IT fundamentals to physical security, and Quanergy Systems, Inc., provider of LiDAR sensors and smart 3D solutions, announced the availability of an integrated LiDAR-based video surveillance platform to support the delivery of mission-critical security and business intelligence.

Quanergy combines long-range M-Series LiDAR sensors and QORTEX DTC, a 3D perception software, to provide real-time people and vehicle tracking into Edge360’s flagship solutions, Surveill VMS and Surveill 3D. The inherent openness of the Surveill VMS platform supports rapid and comprehensive integration with the Quanergy solution to provide mission-critical video data analysis.

Quanergy’s LiDAR-based surveillance solution enhances security by reducing false alarms as much as 95 percent. Quanergy solution uses 3D LiDAR that operate under any lighting conditions, to gather highly accurate, real-time location data about people and vehicles. When integrated with Surveill, it allows the security system to precisely control PTZ cameras to locate and track potential intruders, thus allowing security leaders to better assess perimeter intrusion threats.

“Incorporating 3D LiDAR to augment video data empowers security practitioners to accurately identify and assess security situations to enable a more informed, rapid response,” said Gerald Becker, vice president of market development and alliances at Quanergy. “The use cases with 3D and video are only just starting to emerge and we are excited to work with Surveill to deliver a combined solution that supports the growing demand for video and data.”

Designed and optimized for mission-critical video workloads, Surveill VMS delivers an IT-friendly foundation with the performance, scale, and resilience required to support today’s demanding safety and operational requirements. Surveill 3D provides a low-cost and easy-to-use, real-world representation of a security environment. Trusted by the United States government in locations across the globe, the solution expands situational awareness to expedite emergency response to security threats.

“We are enthused about our collaboration with Quanergy because of the value our combined technologies can deliver to security leaders,” said John Rezzonico, CEO, Edge360. “By combining real-time LiDAR perception, advanced 3D visualizations, and mission-critical video in Surveill’s intuitive platform, we deliver unique capabilities such as active tracking of objects and personnel in a real-world 3D representation. This collaboration enables us to offer differentiated solutions in modern IT-centric architectures to support the demand for high-definition IP video and analytical data required by modern security deployments.”

For more information, visit http://www.surveill.com.