System Surveyor, a SaaS-based platform that enables collaboration on system design, installation, and maintenance, has enhanced its application, making it easier to add and specify products within the intelligent system design platform. The software upgrades enable users to easily include accessory items for a comprehensive bill of materials.

The system devices users specify in the System Surveyor application often need to be outfitted with various accessory parts and components. For example, a camera in a particular location may have or need a wall mount, a lens, and a specific bracket. The new accessories feature allows users to predefine associations between devices and compatible accessories, eliminating guesswork and saving time.

Manufacturer partners can add accessories to their product catalogs in the System Surveyor platform for use by any customer. Users can create a library of accessories, associate them with specific devices, and share them with other System Surveyor users. Automation of the proper accessories enables customers to streamline and complete the bill of materials.

“Our manufacturer partners have provided their element profiles and are adding accessories to make it easier to specify and procure,” said Chris Hugman, CEO for System Surveyor. “Digitizing the process from the first site visit, with direct access to product and related accessories catalogs, automates more of the process to help improve sales, design, and procurement.”

Manufacturers that have recently joined the System Surveyor Partner Program include Digital Watchdog, Turing, and Rhombus Systems.

Thomas Cook, executive vice president of sales and operations for Hanwha Techwin America, said, “We’ve made Hanwha Techwin camera models available in System Surveyor’s design tool and will add accessories, which helps our partners and end customers specify the right solutions more efficiently. The ability to collaborate and visualize with customers is a game changer in this industry. The System Surveyor platform makes system design quicker, easier, and more accurate.”

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