System Surveyor announced the expansion of their public application programming interface (API) to integrate and automate workflows with other software applications in a variety of areas. As the latest development in their open platform approach, the System Surveyor API offers developers well-documented access to streamline data flows between software applications.

Because System Surveyor users range from system integrators to end users, there has been a strong demand to integrate the platform with both custom and commercial applications, such as CRM and ERP tools, as well as help desk, asset management, project management and beyond. By integrating with complementary applications, System Surveyor makes it easier than ever for users to visualize, implement and maintain the lifecycle of security systems, empowering security professionals with the freedom to design better systems. 

“We’ve seen tremendous interest in integrating System Surveyor with a host of applications that can help our users automate processes,” said Maureen Carlson, System Surveyor co-founder and vice president of growth. “By capturing data at the first point of the customer journey during the site survey, there is an opportunity to align every part of the process to deliver exactly what the customer or stakeholder wants to secure their organization. That’s what our industry needs to get to the next level.”

As an intelligent, all-in-one system design tool, System Surveyor helps its users save time, win projects and simplify their work by streamlining site surveys. By facilitating collaborative designs, automating a bill of materials and providing a digital as-built at the click of a button, System Surveyor sets the standard in the industry for easy, quick and collaborative system design tools. 

With the company’s new comprehensive documentation and standard API language, System Surveyor users can communicate with third-party applications, expanding System Surveyor’s versatility and interoperability. 

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