Vintra Fortify is a purpose-built video intelligence solution that makes existing security cameras smarter with accurate critical-event alerts, lightning-fast video search and endless integration capabilities. It works on live cameras or recorded videos, whether their content is coming from fixed or mobile surveillance cameras. It can be deployed as a standalone technology connected to any IP camera or it can be deployed as a deep integration to some of the leading security products in the market. Features of this release include: Live Re-ID, which builds on Vintra’s class-leading re-identification technology, allows users to find where a face, person or vehicle is across multiple cameras and create an alert on this result that stays active for the following four hours; crowd size alerts, which allow security and safety teams to detect situations that are abnormal; loitering alerts, which can inform a security team when a person or vehicle is detected in a particular area for more than a predetermined amount of time; mute alerts, which allow users to inform the system about false positive alerts so that the same object does not trigger additional alerts in the future; and one-click VMS importing, which allows users to cost-effectively make any already-recorded video searchable with a single click.

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