Genetec announced a new version of Security Center 5.7, an open-architecture platform that unifies video surveillance, access control, automatic license plate recognition (ALPR), communications, and analytics. It allows users to make insight-driven decisions based on security and analytics data. This latest version also adds privacy protection for individuals, efficiently distributes HID mobile access control credentials, and ensures business continuity with native access control failover. To improve overall cyber security, Security Center now automatically identifies whether connected edge devices are running the most recent and secure device firmware. By embedding the KiwiVision Privacy Protector module, Genetec enables organizations to automatically blur and mask sensitive video, and anonymize people to protect their privacy. The Security Center Synergis access control system now comes with built-in failover, so customers can take advantage of continuous monitoring of devices and events. The new advanced Security Center reporting feature intuitively displays data in dynamic charts and graphs, helping organizations gain a deeper understanding of their data, identify trends, and spot undetected patterns.
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