The 4K panoramic front camera for police vehicles, the WV-VCF41P, is a component of i-PRO’s powerful ICV4000 in-car video system. The new camera is ideal for law enforcement agencies seeking wide-angle coverage and hi-res capture of video evidence from the vehicle. The WV-VCF41P provides a full 150-deg. field of view. The lens is specifically designed to minimize distortion and edge warping, resulting in an extremely wide angle. Behind the lens, the camera’s 4K sensor is i-PRO’s highest resolution sensor for mobile video evidence applications. This advanced lens and sensor combination accurately records events as they unfold across the entire scene in front of the vehicle. With support for detailed forensic zooming into areas of interest without image blurring, the WV-VCF41P presents clear evidence. The compact design fits behind the rearview mirror so it does not obstruct the driver’s view. Its 32:9 aspect ratio image reduces storage requirements by cropping away unnecessary areas, such as the sky or a vehicle’s hood, allowing agencies to concentrate on the relevant parts of the evidence. A simple PoE connection allows for easy installation, and a built-in G-force sensor provides automatic activation upon impact. The ICV4000 and WV-VCF41P support uploading video evidence simply and easily into the CloUDE digital evidence management system using either Wi-Fi, a mobile router or a mobile data terminal with cellular connection.

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